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A meeting was held on February 18, 2003 to discuss the problem of Feral Cats on Kangaroo Island. The following PDF files document the presentations at the meeting.


  1. Feral Cat Control Introduction - 228kb
  2. DR PEGGY RISMILLER & MIKE McKELVEY: Twenty-Seven Years of Wildcats & Kittens: Case history of a feral predator on the Pelican Lagoon Peninsular, Kangaroo Island - 658kb
  3. DR DAVID PATON: Developing a Community-Based Feral Cat Control Program for Kangaroo Island - 312kb
  4. KATHERINE MOSEBY: ARP – A 600 Hectare Fence, Eradiation & Maintenance program together with a Demonstration of Trapping Techniques - 138kb
  5. BREE GALBRAITH: Arid Recovery Program - Roxby Downs: Aerial Baiting Trials for Feral Cats - 124kb
  6. DR. GRAEME MOSS: Managing Cats Without Foxes: Challenges & Possibilities - 105kb
  7. ADDENDUM - 185kb


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