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Scientists, volunteer visitors and the local community have combined their talents to produce the Pelican Lagoon Research & Wildlife Centre - a place of ideas.. Free from the impact of rabbits and foxes, it provides a series of Australian habitats which permit field research under near-pristine conditions.

Situated on the eastern end of Kangaroo Island, South Australia is this unique research centre, based on 150 Hectare of private land along the northern shore of Pelican Lagoon.

In 1979, biologists from the South Australian Museum were in need of an area for long-term field studies on island reptiles. They approached private land holders in the region of their study site and explained their need for a secure base from which to work. From this grew the concept of the Pelican Lagoon Research & Wildlife Centre and "Land for Learning".

Since that time the concept has grown through an 'esprit de corps' of researchers from all over the world. These scientists often focus on baseline studies (enabling the impact of Man's activities in other regions to be more fully assessed), whole-organism biology and/or problems not easily assessed under field conditions. Most projects are designed in five- and ten-year field phases and are often complemented by by other current or future studies.

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